Coram International has been contracted by UNICEF Jordan to carry out a mapping and assessment of the social service workforce (SSWF) in Jordan. The mapping will cover public sectors of service provision; Social, Education, Health, Security, and Justice, as well as voluntary and private institutions. The study aims to provide a deeper understanding of the current status of the SSWF in Jordan, with the purpose of forming a basis for the development of a national workplan for social service workforce strengthening to ensure access to quality services to all children and families in Jordan. will. The mapping will include a comprehensive collection of data related to all social service workers engaging in social services and service delivery and will be undertaken through a mixed methods approach, with the quantitative component involving an institutional survey designed to obtain relevant data on social service workers by sector; and a worker survey designed to identify functions and views of social workers. The qualitative component will involve interviews with relevant stakeholders, as well as focus groups with social workers and supervisors working in child protection. The mapping ultimately aims to allow Government and other stakeholders to address the adequacy of the current SSWF system in addressing the needs of vulnerable and families and identifying approaches to fill gaps in a systematic way.