In 2015, Coram International conducted a study on violence against children in and around educational settings, both public CFS and non-CFS schools and private schools, and provided detailed recommendations for addressing such violence and for creating safer and more gender-aware learning environments for children. The work was undertaken with national consultants, who were trained by Coram International. The purpose of the consultancy was to strengthen understanding of the context and causes of violence in and around educational settings in Timor-Leste, its nature, and impact on students’ physical, psychological and sexual well-being and more broadly on communities and society. It involved the development of a methodology for collecting and analysing data on the prevalence, frequency and intensity of school-related violence; a review and mapping of existing systems, procedures and processes, including those of Government stakeholders, and civil society, in relation to child protection in educational settings (legal and policy frameworks, human resources, codes of conduct and capacity-building, response and referral systems, prevention systems, information management systems, and coordination and collaboration); an analysis of findings to identify formal and informal linkages, recognise good practices, challenges, and opportunities, and propose recommendations for strengthening child protection in educational settings, including appropriate communication strategies and policy responses. Finally, the project proposed an M&E framework capable of monitoring progress in the achievement of results and collecting and measuring information on cost effectiveness of interventions.

In 2007, Coram International completed an assessment of the Vulnerable Persons Unit (VPU) of the joint UN and National Police Force (UNPOL/PNTL) in Timor-Leste (the VPU is dedicated to providing victim-focused investigation and support to victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse). Coram International investigated the role of the Unit, its constraints and the way in which cases involving children are handled in order to provide the Ministry of Interior with practical recommendations on how to strengthen the unit. Coram International conducted interviews and field visits to develop the assessment and identify areas for improvement in the mandate, procedures, training, logistics and administrations of the VPU.