Programme-Informing Evaluation of the 2014-2017 Child Rights Monitoring System in Montenegro and Planned Approach to CRM under the 2017-2021 Country Programme

Professor Dame Carolyn Hamilton, Awaz Raoof, Ruth Barnes and Jorun Arndt


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In 2017, Coram International was contracted by UNICEF to carry out a programme-informing evaluation of the child rights monitoring system in Montenegro, and UNICEF’s planned approach to child rights monitoring reforms under the Country Programme 2017-2021. The evaluation was carried out according to OECD/DAC criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability, with the addition of two context-specific criteria; cross-cutting gender and equity considerations, and inter-sectoral coordination. The purpose of the study is for UNICEF, the Government of Montenegro, Parliament, Ombudsperson, civil society and academia to use the recommendations and knowledge produced by the evaluation to inform the development of joint-programming under the Country Programme 2017-2021.