Coram International has a team of highly experienced lawyers who specialise in child rights, international law and human rights. The team is headed by Professor Carolyn Hamilton, the director of Coram International, who herself is an internationally recognised legal consultant with over 30 years’ experience in child rights and juvenile justice.

Over the past 18 years, Coram International has developed an in-depth knowledge of international child rights standards, national juvenile justice and child protection systems, child protection and juvenile policies and laws, programming and budgets at both central and local government levels.

We are unique in providing technical legal consultants who have extensive legislative drafting experience as well as related explanatory guidance, statements of practice and working protocols to operationalise these laws. Our team are also highly skilled in drafting policies and strategies and are aware of the necessity to draft such strategies within their broader political, legal and social contexts ensuring coherency between all levels and stakeholders.

Legal and policy situation analysis

Coram International’s team members often engage in legal and policy situation analyses. The team members bring their extensive experience and skills together to develop assessment methodologies to analyse the laws and policies themselves, and their application in practice.

Reform of law and legal systems

The Coram International team has considerable experience of engaging in legal and policy reform across a wide range of topics, including child rights, child protection, child justice, probation, policing, social work, child trafficking, mediation and the judiciary. We are adept at and experienced in producing draft Laws, regulations and other secondary legislation, working protocols, Standard Operating Procedures and numerous other documents and at providing partners with the supporting information and evidence to help advocate for proposed reforms.

Legal Aid services

Coram Children’s Legal Centre, which hosts Coram International, is one of the leading providers of Children’s Legal Aid in the UK. Based on this experience and building on international experience, Coram International has helped to establish Legal Aid Projects in several countries worldwide, including Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Tajikistan and Tanzania.

Coram International has extensive experience in law and policy development. We are currently working with UNICEF and the Government of Kazakhstan to develop a continuum of child protection services in the country in line with international standards and best practices.