Casting light in the shadows: combating child trafficking and slavery in Vietnam

Coram International was awarded funding from the Home Office’s Child Trafficking Protection Fund (CTPF) for a 2.5 year project aiming to help end the trafficking of children within and from Vietnam. Partnering with UNICEF Vietnam and UNICEF UK, the project covered three streams of work:

  • Comprehensive socio-legal research and the development of a series of profiles to understand how, why, where and when children are most at risk of trafficking and slavery
  • Interagency workshops involving government agencies and civil society in Vietnam, bringing different groups together to identify and strengthen prevention, identification and response mechanisms to child trafficking and slavery
  • Capacity building with government agencies and community workers to strengthen the work of those combatting child trafficking and slavery in Vietnam

The funding enabled the team and the partners, to acquire the much needed research-based evidence about the driving forces, patterns, trends and factors that put many children at risk from trafficking and slavery. The project aimed to strengthen multi-agency coordination, prevention and response for potential and actual victims through workshops and capacity building activities.

The research report is available via this link.