At Coram International, we are highly skilled in designing and delivering targeted, relevant training and capacity building for a range of professionals and practitioners around the globe. Over the past 18 years, our consultants have provided training centred on child protection and child justice issues.

Much of our training has focused on the issues surrounding children who have come into contact with the justice system, whether they are victims, perpetrators or witnesses of crimes. Our qualified team has trained numerous key professionals within the justice sector including:

  • Judges
  • Prison Officers
  • Social Workers
  • Health Workers
  • Government Officials
  • Lawyers
  • and Law Enforcement Officers

Our trainings aim to raise their awareness of national and international laws, children’s rights and standards of good practice. We aim to avoid categorisation of children into victim, perpetrator or witness, but rather focus their coming into contact with the law. By raising awareness and combating pre-conceived ideas we aim to strengthen their capacity to work effectively with children.

At Coram International, we also aim to provide long-term solutions by designing and conducting training of trainers, providing them with the necessary skills to teach others and disseminate training further.

Specialised professional training

Our training development team is skilled at developing profession-specific capacity building materials for, among others, police, prosecutors, judges, social workers, prison officers, NGO workers and others. When developing capacity building materials, the team focuses on accessibility and sustainability: making the messages and learning long-lasting and practical, while ensuring that the materials can be used, reviewed and returned to by participants after the training is complete.

Multi-agency child rights training

In addition to our sector-specific training, we often develop multi-agency training materials in order to bring groups together to share experiences and learn from each other. The training approach for multi-agency teams is often highly skills and experienced focused, in order to facilitate cross-learning, with the inclusion of relevant knowledge as appropriate to ensure that all attendees leave with a shared understanding of child rights, child protection, or child justice and have the skills to implement principles and policies in practice.

Coram International staff members are experts in designing and delivering training and capacity-building with key stakeholders, ranging from government officials to children and caregivers. We are currently training professionals across the EU from the justice, residential care and detention centre settings on child rights and child-friendly communication.