Coram International is staffed by a team of socio-legal researchers and trained, qualified lawyers who regularly engage in detailed legal research and reform activities. One of our core activities is the analysis and assessment of legislation, policy and practice in light of international standards and best practice, from which we develop a gap analysis and recommendations for reform, legislative amendment, the development of primary or secondary legislation and policy reform, with a view to influencing practice on the ground.

Analytical frameworks

At Coram International, the team has comprehensive and practical knowledge of the legal and policy framework surrounding child right issues, including child protection, justice for children, children and armed conflict, sexual and reproductive health, violence against children, discrimination, and migration.

We approach our legal and policy research work by crafting a detailed analytical framework from the international and regional instruments that are relevant to our research objectives, and by supplementing this with our strong understanding of best practices. We then engage in a thorough analysis against this framework, using our experience and awareness of the application of laws and policy in practice, as well as findings from any socio-legal research that we have conducted in parallel to the legislative review, to make clear recommendations to fill gaps and improve the protection and promotion of children’s rights.

Our team consists of both lawyers and socio-legal researchers and we have experience of conducting legal research and analysis in numerous countries across the world. In 2013, we carried out an extensive mapping and analysis of national legislation related to violence against children in each of the ten ASEAN Member States.