Coram International specialises in providing technical expertise to UN bodies, (I)NGOs and governments to protect the rights of children and young people. Over the last 18 years, our team has been working with partners across the world to:

  • Develop laws and policies concerning children;
  • Design and deliver participatory, capacity-building trainings to a range of audiences on child rights and working with children;
  • Design, operationalize, monitor and evaluate projects, programmes and services for children; and
  • Conduct study tours in England for government representatives, professionals and practitioners to exchange good practices in the protection of child rights.

Our team combines the excellent specialist expertise of our practitioner experts with robust research to deliver technical work of the highest standard. Our consultative and collaborative approach with partners ensures that our technical work is evidence-based and tailored to the context in which it is set. Whether it is the drafting of a new children’s act, the design of a community-based rehabilitation scheme for children in conflict with the law, the development of skills-based training for practitioners on how to communicate with children effectively, or the monitoring and evaluation of country-wide child protection programming, our work is always rooted in international child rights standards and best practices.

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