Our team at Coram International are skilled in identifying a specific problem, an area where services are insufficient, or an area that would benefit from further in-depth research. Combined with our expertise in project life-cycle management we are also able to design and implement our own unique targeted projects.

Coram International has previously secured funding to address a number of different issues within our area of expertise including advocating for, and achieving, legislative and system reform. We have established pilot projects in a number of countries in order to demonstrate to Governments how a particular system would work in practise.

Coram International has also created independent NGOs in two countries which serve their local communities in the area of child rights law, and we continue to work with these NGOs to build their capacities further.

Problem identification

During our work across the globe, we often identify specific problems or opportunities for change either through our research, during the course of discussions with in-country partners, or as a result of other project activities. Where this happens, we are adept at developing proposals and recommendations for action to address the problems we have identified.

Design and implementation

Based on problems researchers or other consultants have identified, our project development team will work together, drawing lessons from previous projects and making sure to engage with the children and communities in question to develop and design programmes for change. We are skilled at developing relationships at all levels that facilitate project development and implementation, and at seeking funding to do so.

Pilot projects

At Coram International, we have developed several pilot projects, which we have gone on to replicate within and across a variety of regional contexts. For example, we developed a ‘diversion’ pilot project in association with UNICEF Tajikistan that has since been replicated across the CEE/CIS and has been adapted for use in Tanzania and Nigeria.

Between 2012 and 2014, Coram International designed and implemented an EU-funded project alongside local partners at the Legal Resources Centre South Africa to tackle unlawful detention of migrant women and children in South Africa.