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Coram International works around the world and in the UK with governments, UN bodies, IGOs and NGOs to protect and promote children’s and young people’s human rights

Coram International recruiting participants for mental health study

Too often, young people with mental health problems don’t get their voices heard. We are conducting a study into young people’s experiences of mental health inpatient units and are looking for young people to tell us their stories. Please visit the study’s page for further information.

Reports published from our work in Malaysia

In 2018, we were commissioned by UNICEF Malaysia to undertake a situation analysis of children, women and adolescents. The final reports, “Situation Analysis of Adolescents in Malaysia” and “Situation Analysis of Women & Children in Malaysia”, have now been published and are available to view. You can check both of the reports out on our Publications page.

Coram International awarded contract with Right to Play

Coram International have been awarded a contract with the NGO Right to Play to conduct a baseline study of their innovative ‘My Education, My Future’ project. This project aims to improve learning outcomes and life skills for girls in communities affected by the Burundian refugee crisis in Burundi and Tanzania. The study will collect baseline data on students’ life skills, literacy and numeracy, as well as community attitudes to girls’ education, enabling Right to Play to measure their project’s impact over time in a robust way. We’ll also be conducting qualitative interviews and focus groups to explore students’ and teachers’ experiences of the project so far, to see what’s working and where improvements could be made. We’re looking forward to working with Right to Play on this exciting project!

Coram International delivers virtual training

Coram International has just completed the first set of a series of virtual training and coaching sessions on protecting children affected by migration in Kazakhstan. Participants included social workers, lawyers, psychologists and pedagogues from NGOs, the Centres of Adaptation of Minors, the Centre for the Support of Children in Difficult Life Situations and the Department of Education, from Nur Sultan City, Almaty City, Shymkent City and Turkestan Region.

The training sessions placed particular emphasis on how to deliver child-centred, integrated services to meet each child’s needs. They also addressed practical challenges and shared best practice.

The trainings were delivered as part of a consultancy with UNICEF Kazakhstan  to provide technical expertise to national partners, on the implementation of a new model for providing protective services to children affected by migration. This new model seeks to develop statutory child protection services, and provide children with an ‘independent supporter’ to help the child understand and participate in decision-making processes.

The overall purpose of the model protective services is to ensure that children affected by migration in Kazakhstan are effectively protected and that their rights as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are progressively realized.

What we do

Technical assistance

Coram International combines the excellent specialist expertise of our practitioner experts with robust research to deliver technical work of the highest standard. Our consultative and collaborative approach ensures that our technical work is evidence-based and context-tailored.


Coram International specialises in the design and implementation of applied mixed methods research and evaluation, drawing on a range of quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods. We have a track record of producing high quality and accessible research publications for a broad range of policy, practitioner and academic audiences.


Coram International specialises in the rights of children and young people. Our expertise covers a high number of topics including child protection, justice and governance, gender equality, reproductive rights, counter-terrorism and extremism.

Situation Analysis of Women & Children in Malaysia

Kirsten Anderson, Ruth Barnes and Dr. Jastine Barrett

In 2018, Coram International was commissioned by UNICEF Malaysia to undertake a situation analysis of children, women and adolescents. The team, together with a national research institution and national experts, carried out analysis of existing administrative and survey datasets and other research to carry out an assessment of progress and remaining challenges in the achievement of international and national development targets in children’s rights in poverty and social protection; child protection; health; nutrition; WASH; and education.

The final report for this work has been published by UNICEF Malaysia. The Situation Analysis presents a broad assessment and analysis of the situation of children and women in Malaysia, and the realisation of their rights, identifying gaps and priority areas in which action should be taken to accelerate progress. The immediate purpose of this report is to inform the strategic planning discussions for the development of the UNICEF– Government of Malaysia Country Programme 2021-2025 and other planning processes.

Children in ASEAN; 30 Years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in ASEAN

UNICEF East Asia & Pacific

In November, UNICEF EAPRO published a report developed by Coram International marking 30 years of the UNCRC in the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) Region. The publication “Children in ASEAN” is a landmark report that examines achievements across the ASEAN member States since the adoption of the Convention and looks to the future at remaining challenges and emerging issues.

Unlocking Children’s Rights

Coram International was co-funded by the EU’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Fund for a two-year project to develop training on child-friendly communication skills and child-rights informed practices for those working with children in justice, detention and residential care settings. These training materials are available for use, free of charge.