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New Contract Awarded to Coram International

Coram International has just been awarded a contract with UNICEF’s Regional Office for South Asia to conduct a study on the impact of COVID-19 on child marriage determinants.

In South Asia as many as 28% of women currently aged 20-24 were married before the age of 18. Concerningly, many of the factors driving child marriage have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns.

The study which will be undertaken across India, Nepal and Bangladesh will analyse changes in drivers and moderators of child marriage due to COVID-19 aiming to contribute to strategies, policies, and programme interventions to mitigate and avert the negative impacts of COVID-19 on child marriage in the region.

What we do

Technical assistance

Coram International combines the excellent specialist expertise of our practitioner experts with robust research to deliver technical work of the highest standard. Our consultative and collaborative approach ensures that our technical work is evidence-based and context-tailored.


Coram International specialises in the design and implementation of applied mixed methods research and evaluation, drawing on a range of quantitative, qualitative and participatory methods. We have a track record of producing high quality and accessible research publications for a broad range of policy, practitioner and academic audiences.


Coram International specialises in the rights of children and young people. Our expertise covers a high number of topics including child protection, justice and governance, gender equality, reproductive rights, counter-terrorism and extremism.

Study of Violence against Children in Bulgaria

Elizabeth Yarrow and Dr Sophie Hedges

From 2017-2020, Coram International was contracted by UNICEF Bulgaria to assess the current use of physical, sexual and emotional violence, neglect and peer bullying against children in Bulgaria in the home, schools, communities, and in the justice system. The study made findings in relation to the prevalence of such forms of violence and the perpetrators involved. It paid particular attention to the needs of groups of children who have demographic characteristics (‘risk factors’) that make them more likely to experience violence. Lastly the study examined the state/non-state prevention and response to such violence.

Formative and summative evaluation of “Government of Ghana / UNICEF Child Protection Programme (2012 – 2019)”

Professor Dame Carolyn Hamilton, Kara Apland, Jorun Arndt, Dr Sophie Hedges and Elizabeth Yarrow

In 2020, Coram International conducted a formative evaluation of the Government of Ghana and UNICEF’s Child Protection Programme (2012-2019). The evaluation, stretching across two programme cycles, had an expansive geographical scope covering programming across Ghana at national and sub-national levels. The evaluation generated evidence in relation to 4 of the 6 evaluation criteria of OECD/DAC; relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability and UNICEF’s guiding principles of gender, human rights and equity. The evaluation aimed to support learning and decision-making to improve child protection outcomes for girls and boys in Ghana, to hold UNICEF accountable for its contributions to child protection outcomes, to clarify the changes in child protection in Ghana that have been brought about by UNICEF’s programming, and to determine whether the current programme has the right strategic focus to contribute to strengthening the child protection system moving forward. The report has received a rating of “highly satisfactory” from UNICEF’s independent review mechanism GEROS.

Unlocking Children’s Rights

Coram International was co-funded by the EU’s Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Fund for a two-year project to develop training on child-friendly communication skills and child-rights informed practices for those working with children in justice, detention and residential care settings. These training materials are available for use, free of charge.