Systematic review is a method used to gather and synthesise a large body of evidence to answer a specific research question. Systematic reviews are a cost-effective means of using existing information to gather robust evidence on an issue of interest and concern. They enable the collection of comprehensive and objective information on a given topic, through a methodology that is transparent, replicable, and avoids individual research bias.

Our experience

Our team has experience designing and conducting systematic literature reviews. We have recently completed two systematic literature reviews for UNICEF in Indonesia and Cambodia, exploring the underlying determinants of violence against children.

Both studies included secondary statistical analysis of several large datasets (DHS, VACS, GSHS, MICS, and P4P surveys) containing relevant indicators related to violence against children. The studies used regression models, predicted probabilities and interaction models to uncover various risk and protective factors associated with violence against children.

Coram International has a proven track record of conducting systematic literature reviews. The team was recently contracted by UNICEF to carry out comprehensive, systematic literature reviews on violence against children in Indonesia and Cambodia.