Coram International has conducted a number of consultancies which aim to improve care and protection of children living and/or working on the streets. Examples include Somaliland (2014), Guatemala (2009-2011) and Lebanon (2002).

Coram International is a research institution and consultancy specialising in a wide range of issues relating to children’s rights staffed by a dedicated core team of child rights lawyers and socio-legal researchers. Coram International has over 23 years of institutional experience working on international consultancies in the field of child rights, having completed projects in over 92 countries worldwide. We have worked with organisations including UNICEF, UNDP, Plan International, IPPF, Save the Children, DFID, WarChild and CARE International amongst many others.

Coram International is an integral component of the Coram Children’s Legal Centre (CCLC), an independent, registered, UK charity which works in the United Kingdom and around the world to protect and promote the rights of children through the reform of law, policy and practice, and through the provision of direct legal assistance to young people, parents and professionals.

In Montenegro (2015), Coram International provided technical assistance to the Government by drafting changes to national laws to ensure full implementation of the Optional Protocol on sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography.

What we do

  • At Coram International we seek to defend and promote human rights, specifically those of children and youth.
  • At Coram we provide professional support to local, national and international governments and organisations seeking to improve their commitment to upholding children’s rights.
  • Our team regularly documents, reports and publishes research on rights abuses and violations worldwide, and we work with partner organisations in designing projects to combat these issues.
  • Our consultants have a wealth of expertise in the following child rights areas: law and policy, research, monitoring, evaluation, training, capacity building, project design and project implementation.
  • We specialise in the following thematic areas: sexual and reproductive rights, armed conflict and counter-terrorism, violence against children, child protection systems, child rights governance, gender equality, justice for children, youth and adolescents, and harmful traditional practice.
Coram International has recently finalised an evaluation for UNICEF Myanmar regarding UNICEF’s strategy and approach to child protection systems in Myanmar. The evaluation included assessment of the decision-making process and the use of social work case management.

How we work

Rights Based Approach

At Coram all of our projects are grounded in a human rights based approach, with conventions such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child providing a baseline from which our consultants work. It is the right of those affected to have their opinions taken into account, so we regularly seek to include the children, parents, guardians, and professionals directly affected to provide input.

Working in Partnership

Coram International works in partnership with local, national and international organisations, governments and other stakeholders to best promote and defend child rights.

Sharing our Expertise

We provide training, capacity building, resources, support and consultancy services.

Methodological Approach

Coram International specialises in conducting qualitative and quantitative research including situation analyses, improvement‐oriented evaluations and assessments, gap analyses, analysing trends, identifying barriers and bottlenecks and the production of effective, context‐appropriate recommendations for reform, action plans, strategies and programming to ensure children’s rights.

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