Case Studies: Situation of Children Affected by Migration in ASEAN Member States

Authors: Professor Dame Carolyn Hamilton, Dr. Amelia Smith, Kirsten Anderson, Kara Apland, and Rosalie Lord

November 2022 – April 2023

Download PDFs by country:

Cambodia: Migration and Family Separation (Dr. Amelia Smith, January 2023)

Malaysia: Migration and Child Protection Risks (Kara Apland and Rosalie Lord, April 2023)

Philippines: Migration and Child Protection Responses (Kirsten Anderson, November 2022)

Thailand: Migration and Children’s Legal Status (Rosalie Lord and Kirsten Anderson, April 2023)

Viet Nam: Migration and Risks of Child Trafficking and Exploitation (Dr. Amelia Smith and Professor Dame Carolyn Hamilton, January 2023)

These case studies supplement the UNICEF regional report on Situation of children affected by migration in ASEAN Member States.