In 2015-2016, Coram International provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs in strengthening the capacity of practitioners to implement the provisions of the Children Act 2013, international standards and best practices in their ‘individual’, and multi-disciplinary contexts, and to establish data and information management systems to support implementation and knowledge management. There project had three main components:

  • Devising and delivering multidisciplinary training: this component focused on developing multi-agency training materials for police, probation officers, judges, lawyers and social workers who engage with children in contact with the law;
  • Incorporating the Children Act 2013 and implementing regulations into sectoral training curricula and materials: this component also focused on capacity building for police, probation officers, judges, lawyers and social workers on an agency by agency basis; the component facilitated capacity development by assessing and strengthening each relevant agency or institution’s training strategy and training materials, ensuring that key components of the Children Act 2013 (and associated international standards and best practices) were enshrined in the training materials;
  • Improving data and information management: the final component focused on the improvement of data and information management relating to children in contact with the law by providing technical assistance in relation to existing data collection mechanisms, and developed plans and tools to improve these mechanisms.

In 2014-2015, Coram International designed the research plan and analytical framework for Plan International in Asia, developing the methodology and tools for research in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan into attitudes and norms on child marriage, as well as training national teams of qualitative and quantitative researchers. Coram International analysed the large data-sets developing final reports and recommendations for programming. The research report is available here