Coram International has been engaged by the Inter-American Development Bank to provide options for a financially sustainable, national legal aid service in Belize, and to design a pilot implementation of a legal aid programme focusing on children in conflict with the law, child victims and witnesses of crime, and children in child protection services. The consultancy includes five key activities: (i) a demand study for legal aid services; (ii) a study of options to respond to the demand for legal aid services through a spectrum of legal and non-legal support services; (iii) a study of the procedural, operational, regulatory and legislative changes necessary to establish a legal aid services programme; (iv) the preparation of a business plan for the provision of legal aid services for civil and criminal matters nationwide for adults and children; and (v) an implementation plan for a national two-year pilot of the legal aid programme targeting children who are in conflict with the law, in contact with the law or in child protection services. The project is funded under the second phase of the Community Action for Public Safety Programme (CAPS II) between the Inter-American Development Bank and the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation (MHD) of Belize.