Coram International has been contracted by UNICEF Bulgaria to assess the current use of physical, sexual and emotional violence, neglect and peer bullying against children in Bulgaria in the home, schools, communities, and in the justice system. The study will make findings in relation to the prevalence of such forms of violence and the perpetrators involved. It will pay particular attention to the needs of groups of children who have demographic characteristics (‘risk factors’) that make them more likely to experience violence. Lastly the study will examine the state/non-state prevention and response to such violence. The study will situate data collection findings within the broader legal and policy context for violence against children in Bulgaria. In particular, the findings will be analysed in the context of the introduction of the Child Protection Act in 2000, the approval of the Family Code in 2009 and the National Programme for the Prevention of Violence Against Children in Bulgaria [NPPVACB] 2017. The study commenced in 2017 and will be completed in 2019.

Between 2014-2016, Coram International designed, developed and piloted training of professionals across 10 EU member states from justice, residential care and detention centre settings on child rights and child-friendly communication skills. We coordinated a network of 11 in-country partners and the project resulted in the production of training modules and resources which can be replicated widely across the EU. During the two years, training modules were delivered by key experts to 920 professionals across the 10 countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom). The piloted, evaluated and refined training was made available through a web platform providing e-learning tools, certification and a guide for professionals on how to integrate the training into existing systems.

Between 2006-2007, Coram International conducted an analysis of youth law and provided technical assistance to the Government Agency for Youth and Sport on the development of a law on youth participation.

Between 2005-2007, Coram Interantional developed a training manual and delivered a TOT on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the handbook on the UN Convention on the rights of the child for members of the State Agency.

In 2000-2003, Coram International provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in Bulgaria on the review and development of child legislation. The work, completed as two separate pieces, funded by DFID and the European Union Twinning Project, covered the development of the Family Code, Adoption Laws (including inter-country adoption), the development of a Fostering Service and other relevant legislation, policy and practice within the child welfare system.