In 2020, Coram International was awarded a contract with the NGO Right to Play to conduct a baseline study of their innovative ‘My Education, My Future’ project. The project aimed to improve learning outcomes and life skills for girls in communities affected by the Burundian refugee crisis in Burundi and Tanzania by providing gender-responsive, play-based education. The study collected baseline data on students’ life skills, literacy and numeracy, and knowledge of children’s rights, using a quasi-experimental approach to compare between intervention and non-intervention schools in order to enable the measurement of the project’s impact in a robust way. The study also involved a survey of community members to collect data on the understanding of the barriers to education access for girls, including girls with disabilities, and attitudes towards education for girls and children with disabilities. Qualitative methods were used to provide a richer understanding of the project context, including focus groups and participatory activities with girls, focus groups with community leaders and members, and key informant interviews with teachers and other education officials. Data collection was carried out both in refugee camps in Tanzania and in communities with high numbers of returnees in Ruyigi province in Burundi.