Coram International has been contracted by UNICEF Greece to carry out a review of the child-friendliness of the justice system in Greece, considering existing structures, institutions, legal provisions, mechanisms and processes for justice. The existing justice system will be compared to international and European standards, and research will be carried out to assess judicial practices of the criminal and civil courts for compliance with European standards. The final report will provide recommendations in order to improve and reform the national legal and normative framework for justice for children, to ensure children in Greece are better served and protected by the justice system.

Between 2014-2016, Coram International designed, developed and piloted training of professionals across 10 EU member states from justice, residential care and detention centre settings on child rights and child-friendly communication skills. This involved coordinating a network of 11 in-country partners to produce training modules and resources which can be replicated widely across the EU. During the two years, training modules were delivered by key experts to 920 professionals across the 10 countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom). The piloted, evaluated and refined training was made available through a web platform providing e-learning tools, certification and a guide for professionals on how to integrate the training into existing systems.