In 2008, Coram International provided technical advice and provided recommendations for parliamentarians regarding regulations for inter-country adoption, through working group meetings and Government round tables. Furthermore, Coram International conducted a review of legislative and administrative provisions and policies, and identified strengths and weaknesses within the system.

In 2006, Coram International provided technical assistance to the Kyrgyz Government and UNICEF on the social policy, child protection and juvenile justice reform process. This involved providing technical assistance to the government to develop secondary legislation to implement the Children’s Code, including regulation relating to the Family and Children Support Department (FCSD), Regulation on the Commission on Children’s Affairs (CCA) and framework regulation on child protection procedures and processes. In addition, within this contract, the Centre conducted an assessment of the juvenile justice system and development of a new Juvenile Justice Law. As part of this process, Coram International organised a visit of Kyrgyz Government delegates to examine the juvenile justice system in the UK. In addition, Coram International provided expert technical assistance to the Kyrgyz Government to draft the Children’s Code.