In 2018, Coram International was commissioned by UNICEF Malaysia to coordinate a Situation Analysis (SitAn) of Children and Women in Malaysia. Working with a national research institute, Coram International conducted the SitAn in order to improve the understanding of stakeholders of the current status of children’s rights in Malaysia and the causes of inequities; support national planning and development process including influencing policies, strategies and national laws to contribute towards an enabling environment for children that adheres to human rights principles and gender equality; strengthen regional and national capacities to monitor the situation of children; and strengthen the knowledge base to enable assessment of the contribution of development partners in support of national development goals.

In 2016, Coram International was contracted by International Planned Parenthood Foundation (IPPF) to carry out research investigating the impact of law on young people’s access to sexual and reproductive rights across counties in South and South East Asia, including Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. In relation to this, Coram International created a methodology for the study to take place in Malaysia.