In 2014-2015, Coram International designed the research plan and analytical framework for Plan International in Asia, developing the methodology and tools for research in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan into attitudes and norms on child marriage, as well as training national teams of qualitative and quantitative researchers. Coram International analysed the large data-sets developing final reports and recommendations for programming. The research report is available here

In 2009, Coram International worked with UNICEF Pakistan to assist in the development of a Child Protection Bill in light of international child rights standards. Coram International analysed the proposed Bill and provided commentary on its compliance with international standards. Coram International presented recommendations for amendments and facilitated a short seminar on juvenile justice standards and norms. Having assisted in the development of the Child Protection Bill, Coram International was asked by UNICEF to provide ongoing technical support to ensure implementation of the legislation and by providing training and materials on diversion.