In 2014, Coram International provided technical assistance to UNICEF Turkmenistan and the Government of Turkmenistan to draft a National Plan of Action for Children covering 2015-2020. During a Coram International facilitated workshop, key stakeholders met to discuss current national legislation and polices in relation to children, identify gaps and bottlenecks in current legislation and systems and to consider recommendations from the CRC Committee on the Turkmenistan state party report. Following the workshop, Coram International created a draft Plan of Action based on the findings of the workshop.

In 2013, Coram International designed and delivered a study tour for delegates from the Government of Turkmenistan. The study group met with UK government officials from the Department for Education and Department for Work and Pensions, before meeting with community based providers to discuss social protection and support for children and families, as well as the development and implementation of the child protection system in England and Wales.

Coram International provided technical support to the Government of Turkmenistan for the implementation of activities to protect the rights of children in conflict with the law between 2006 and 2013. During this time, Coram International researched and drafted a comprehensive assessment of the juvenile justice system in Turkmenistan, from which it developed a Five Year Strategy for Juvenile Justice Reform, which was adopted by the Government in 2012. Coram International’s activities in support of juvenile justice reform have also included providing technical input for the development of regulations for the Colonies (juvenile detention centres for children in conflict with the law); delivering a series of TOT for police, prosecutors, judges, social workers and detention centre staff on protecting the rights of children in conflict with the law and at risk of offending and developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for the delivery of the National Programme for Juvenile Justice. Before drafting the juvenile justice assessment, Coram International completed a comprehensive analysis of child related legislation in Turkmenistan, including an assessment of the implementation of recommendations made by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Coram International also provided technical support for the development of a National Child Protection Policy, including a “National Protocol for Prevention, Reporting and Management of Child Abuse” and a “National Protocol for the Diversion of Children in from the Criminal Justice System”.

In July 2011, Coram International hosted a delegation of policymakers for a study visit on children’s rights, with a focus on juvenile justice. The main objective of this study visit was to promote knowledge among policymakers about international juvenile justice standards and to present options for the Turkmenistan juvenile justice system. Coram International arranged a full programme of meetings, from higher level (ministerial) meetings to visits to community-based programming.

In November 2008, Coram International hosted a delegation of policymakers for a study visit on children’s and women’s rights, with a focus on juvenile justice and sexual/reproductive health. The main objective of this study visit was to raise awareness among policymakers of children’s and women’s rights on international standards. UNICEF requested that the programme focused on juvenile justice and UNFPA requested meetings centred on sexual and reproductive health.