In 2014-2015, Coram International conducted a legislative and policy gap analysis of youth policies in Ukraine. The gap analysis was the first step in the process of legislation and policy approximation in Ukraine as stipulated by the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. An analysis of national legislation and policy (laws, national programs, strategies and procedures etc.) was conducted in light of best practices in the European Union and internationally. Research was also conducted including meetings with representatives from the Ukrainian Government and civil society organisations. Coram International provided its findings as a range of observations on challenges in the area and recommendations for improvement and reform.

In 2014, Coram International arranged and organised a study tour for Government Officials and civil servants from Ukraine to build their capacity and knowledge in the areas of best practice and promotion of healthy lifestyles for children and families at the primary healthcare level. The study tour provided learning opportunities on best practice in the area and specifically focussed on messaging to families. Through the study tour, Coram International enabled participants to generate new ideas to use when developing policy and practice in Ukraine and the current reform in the area.