In 2012, Coram International hosted a delegation of policymakers for a study visit on child protection. The main focus of this study visit was to promote knowledge and understanding among policymakers in Uzbekistan about international standards on child protection and the legal basis and practical operation of the child protection system in the UK and to build the capacity of these policymakers to develop effective child protection legislation and policies. Coram International enhanced the knowledge among policymakers in Uzbekistan about: – International standards on child protection; – The role of social workers in the child protection system; – Methods of multi-agency working in child protection systems; – The legal basis and practical operation of the child protection system in the UK; and – The importance of including child protection provisions in the Law on Guardianship and of developing additional regulations on child protection. The Uzbek delegation enjoyed a full programme of visits, presentations, meetings and workshops over the seven day study tour. The programme was developed and arranged by Coram International with input from UNICEF Uzbekistan.

In 2008-2009, Coram International provided support to UNICEF Uzbekistan to support a working group in a review of the national legislation on child protection, particularly legislation and regulations on children without family care. Coram International provided information on international standards and examples of good regulatory practice regarding alternative care arrangements. Once the regulations had been drafted,Coram International provided an expert opinion and guided the group to revise realistic and up to date regulations and draft amendments for other legislation to ensure all laws and practice were in line with international standards and with each other. Coram International also reviewed draft regulations on minimum standards of care for orphanages and provided recommendations as to how these might be improved. Finally, Coram International supported the drafting of the commentaries to the Law on the Guarantees of the Rights of the Child by providing expert feedback and good practices.