The experiences of gender diverse children and youth

Coram International is partnering on a study being undertaken at the Centre for Gender Studies, University of Cambridge, which investigates the experiences of gender diverse children and youth within schools and health services in the UK.

There is an urgent need for more and better evidence on this topic to support the design of better and more inclusive services.

The research will seek to answer the following central questions:

  1. How do gender diverse youth experience education and health systems and services in the UK?
  2. How do these experiences influence aspects of young people’s wellbeing?
  3. What practical changes, and alternative conceptions of gender, might, if embedded within institutional structures, lead to better outcomes for gender diverse youth?

Recruitment is ongoing for research participants from the following groups:

  • Young people ages 14-24 years who are transgender, intersex, non-binary, gender non-conforming or gender questioning;
  • Parents and carers of children and adolescents who are gender variant;
  • Professionals/ support workers/ counsellors who work with gender variant children and youth;
  • Health or education professionals who work with young people ages 14-24 years (e.g. secondary school teacher, GP);

If you would like to participate, or would like more information about the study please contact Elizabeth Yarrow via email at or phone: +44 7760 363 424

To support the project please share and post the advertisement for participants