Operational manual for non-governmental organizations on providing services to children affected by migration

Awaz Raoof and Catherine Burke

February 2022

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Coram International was the institutional consultant to UNICEF Kazakhstan on a large-scale project to protect the rights of children affected by migration (CABM) in Kazakhstan. The project involved three components. The first component involved the review and analysis of the legal framework governing the protection of CABM in Kazakhstan. The second component involved the review of draft legislation and to recommend amendments to strengthen the bills in line with international standards and good practices on protecting CABM. The third component involved the design, development and testing of a model for providing protective services to CABM in three pre-selected Cities (Nur Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent). Based on the research and in close consultation with stakeholders, the Coram International team designed a model for providing protective services to CABM in the three cities. To operationalise the model, the team developed an operational manual for the Centres of Adaptation of Minors (which perform the role of child protection case manager) and an operational manual for NGO service providers. The project was part of UNICEF’s larger multi-country project on protecting CABM in the region, which is funded by the European Union.