Regional Situation Analysis: Situation of Children Affected by Migration in ASEAN Member States

Authors: Professor Dame Carolyn Hamilton, Kirsten Anderson, Catherine Burke, Ramyah Harrichandiran, Rosalie Lord, Awaz Raoof and Amelia Smith

May 2023

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The Southeast Asian region is a major migration hub comprising countries of origin, destination and transit – with some countries a mix of all three – for a large number of migrants. Until recently, much of the migration literature focused on the experiences of, and the impact on, migrant adults. Children and their interests have been largely rendered invisible and their agency downplayed. It is within this context that the UNICEF East Asia and Pacific Regional Office (UNICEF EAPRO) commissioned a situation analysis of children affected by migration in ASEAN Member States. The focus of the study is on child protection, which includes an examination of the types of protection risks to which children affected by migration may be exposed and the response of child protection systems and services to these risks.