Study on Violence Against Children in and around Educational Settings in Timor-Leste

Professor Dame Carolyn Hamilton, Elizabeth Yarrow and Awaz Raoof


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In 2015, Coram International was commissioned by UNICEF to undertake a study on violence against children in and around educational settings in Timor-Leste. The aim of the study was to support the development of detailed recommendations for preventing and responding to violence against children, and for creating safer, gender-equitable learning environments for children in school. This was achieved by carrying out a mixed methods approach to data collection and analysis that would strengthen the understanding of the context and causes of violence in and around educational settings, its nature, and impact on students’ physical, psychological and sexual well-being, and more broadly on communities and society. The study proposes a M&E framework capable of monitoring progress in the achievement of results and collecting and measuring information on cost effectiveness of interventions.